Heads up..(cuz i'm nice)..Entries for the D100 are NOW OPEN

If you're one of the smart folks that gets the Trievents/D100 e-newsletter, you'd know that the entries opened today..!!I'm curious to see how fast it sells out...

Because i'm a nice person, i'll even give you the link so you don't have to ask...http://www.dwellingup100.com.au/event.html

Now, go and train.


I'm in

Paid and in for the 100....

C'mon guys/gals move it


paid up & init for the hundy

thats the man

cmon people....

Did entries sell out last

Did entries sell out last year? Ever? Do I really need to get on this quick smart?


Mcgoo..it sold out last year..REGISTER early so you're not whining later about missing out :)

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