PMBC DH Committee in Crisis!!!

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Hello to all dedicated PMBC DH Riders,

Well it's come to the boiling point and the club's DH future is in jepardy. I am now the only official member of the PMBC committee that is a DHer. So what I need to know is...if there are any people out there that are willing to help keep PMBC DH alive. I got into the Vice4 Presidents position over two years ago because nobody else would do it and the club was then in crisis as well. I have learnt a lot and I know we can do it better.

But I need help a great team like we once had. So here it goes anyone who thinks they can give some time to the sport, no matter how big or small, could we please meet at the Inglewood Pub this coming Tuesday 23rd March 2010 (6:30pm).

Hope to see many of your faces there, so we can work as a team to save DH in WA.



Ps. I have attached the dates for the 5 PMBC races for 2010. The on-line calendar should be modified soon to include these races. Thank you for you patience and sorry it took this long for me to ask for help.

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