clip ins or not clip ins?

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clip in pedals boys??

Ive always been a fan or the ability to "emergency exit" if required, but as im leaving my giant yukon behind, what im looking at (anthemx2) seems to have clip ins.......

Do i my the change? and is it going to be a costly one buying special shoes?

what if i just want to ride down the shop in me thongs to get the paper!
Just dont tell my wife.............

Hey mate, nice choice on the

Hey mate, nice choice on the new ride.
i currently use eggbeaters. their pretty good but dont allow me to adjust my foot angle enough. this i find is important for your knees.
clippless or clip in pedals are great as you can also pull up while peddaling so performance is increased. you can get ones with a platform on one side. my shoes cost me $40 or $50 from glenn parker cycles nedlands on the clearence rack,. their pretty crap but i diddnt want to spend to much to get the feel. also clippless allow you to get better air on smaller jumps/rocks. hope this helps

I suppose you could go the

I suppose you could go the flat pedal one side clip-in the other style of pedal, but really.....

Once you climbed a hill with clipins you will wonder what the hell you did before them.

Clip ins are all about setting them up for your taste. too many people get on, clip in, crash and never try again.

Set the pedals with the little allen head screw to its most outward setting. then go for a ride around teh neighbourhood. once confident try some stepups, logs and a bit of single track. If you find yourself accidentally unclipping a few times dont worry. This will actually build your confidence and also your unclipping reaction. Remember unclipping should be a reaction not a tecnique it will become instinctive after a while. Once the confidence is up start winding the screw back in so that the accidental unclips are gone.

Now I'm not a big Jumper, I hate getting more than a few feet off the ground but most of my mates do some of the damndest things mid air and still never unclip.

I have an Anthem X1 and can say I reckon there the way to go. I just cant climb a hill with flat pedals anymore.

As for cheap shoes. well I am an LBS supporter but if you wnat cheap check out Torpedo 7. They have Exustar shoe and pedal combo's every second week on special for way under The Hundred mark.

Oh yeah, Good choice on the Anthem. ;)

Take the leap, you won't go

Take the leap, you won't go back. I have plenty of quick exits even with the cleats.
I have a virtually new set of Lake shoes, size 48 that are a tad too big for me if you are interested. They are sturdy, grippy, have cleats, studs if you want them at a very reasonable price.


when you get your anthem it should come with the clip in platforms on one side and normal clipless on the other....the choice is yours as to whether you remove them or not but it may solve your problem until you get confident in using the clipless pedals

Flat pedals

Its one thing on a mountain bike trail to go zooming past the clip in brigade up a hill.
It s a whole new level of enjoyment going past roadies on my road bike with flat pedals, baggies and a mountain bike helmet.
Then being able to pull up at a coffee shop and walk around without looking a dill in lycra & clicking in ballet shoes.
I don't know what I would do with all the exra power that clip ins would give me.
I guess my desire to stay underpowered with flats means no Pro riding career for me

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Different strokes

I clip in with shimano pedals and I love it. I tried eggbeaters but I tend to smash my pedals on things (low BB) and the eggbeaters unclip when hit from the bottom. I would never go back, although 2 out of the 5 guys I ride regularly with dont clip in and they do the same technical uphills and screaming downhills as me.

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i lock in on all my bikes

been that way so long i couldnt ride any other way

even for big air !

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oh and you wont look a dill

in shimano mtb shoes i wear em all over the place as iv got no car.

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a thing nobody seems to have touched on is all the popular peddle systems come in bare clip semi platform and full platform formats

just watch the shoe style with semi and especialy full platforms as the tread blocks can foul on the cage, nothing a trimmer knife wont solve.

ok... ill stop hoggin ya post now ;o)

onya red baron

careful mate the lycra lads are a fickle bunch,they dont like being made fun of, :P.i ride with a few guys,they ride flat pedal, and smash me on the downs and flats ,but not the ups.(but who cares bout going up?).i ride in clips with platforms(shimano 454) so i can unclip doin log drops dan8 i say go with the clip ins,but break em in on ur roadie first so you get used to the action of clipping in n out,good luck and prepare for many an off at the lights!!!!

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hey Dan8

I started with cages, yeh they are just useless. Then went to a Shimano which is clipless but still provides a resin (or metal) platform. This is a good option to try clipless but you can still ride with normal joggers or thongs if you want. You do get issues with them being harder to clip in at times and they can get full of mud in wet conditions. Now using std Shimanos and they are great. I reckon the one main advantage to me and why I went clipless was due to the time my feet have slipped off std flat pedals and you get a decent smack in the shins. The post above saying that normal flats are best and they can keep up with those riding clipless, I wanna know what shoes you use to maintain grip on the pedal surface??

Flat pedals

DMR V12 Pedals with standard Dunlop shoes are real sticky. Good pins and a concave surface area work well. A flat sole is best however I have ridden with
tread soles no problem as well. I have never had a pedal slip or shin scrape
Always ride downhill as if You are on a motorbike with your weight behind the pedal pivot point. As this is a broad contact this is easy to do
You need to do similar with clip ins to prevent ankle damage. You can also rotate/shift your foot on flats
to take pressure of knee/hip joints while riding