Pre Season XC Skills Clinic = PIHC Support

NEW = Ian Wee, from "Perth Integrated Health Clinics" = PHIC is kindly donating 50 vouchers for a free screening check at his clinics (worth $50 each). He is also donating 3 x $100 vouchers for bike set up ergonomic assessments. PHIC are very passionate about cycling and do a massive amount for the sport.

Tim Bennett from Kalamunda Cycles is also onboard and will be taking the group "Turning Pro Next Week" for a flying skills lap around Jarrahdale.........................................Look out!!!!!

Origonal = Date: Sunday 14 March 8am to 1pm = Langford Park, Jarrahdale

The course is specifically targeted at any one wanting to improve their MTB riding skills, keep upright and ride faster and safer. All Juniors, All Men and All Woman are welcome

This skills session will be lead by qualified coaches and some of WA’s best and most experienced mountain bikers. Participants need to bring their own mountain bike, Helmet, gloves, riding gear and shoes. Also bring enough food and drink to last you until lunch time.

Cost: $30.00, Includes; Day License, Coaching, Riding, Skills Information hand out, Sausage in a bun and a soft drink. (Extra Sausages and drinks can be purchased on the day from PMBC)

Online rego:

See the attached flier for further information

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