End of year Trophy Presentation.

We need a keen club member to step up and organize an end of year function.

But before this can happen we are seeking feed back on what, you, the club members want from an end of year function and trophy night.

There has even been talk of scraping it all together due to a severe lack of support it has attracted. Especially from the XC riders and especially for the last 2 seasons. We have even considdered presenting the "State Round" medals with a BBQ after the "State Champs"

You may be unaware, but more than half of the trophies end up stored in boxes in our containers, which is simply a waste of club funds and someones time organizing them.

So, it's up to you guys to give us (the committee) an idea of what you would like as far as trophies, medals, prizes and end of year functions go. Or, if you want anything at all?????

Please get your thinking caps on and give us some thing to work with (and someone to do it).

Thanks, TT

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Bugger the trophies

make it a 6pack,
claimable by next person in the points if the winner doesn't show
If unclaimed ,giveaway to volunteers and organisers

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End of year Trophy Presentation

I think having a presentation (of medals, trophies and/or prizes) at the end of the days racing in the State Champs/Final State Rounds (in each discipline) with, or without a BBQ makes a lot of sense. Could medals/trophies presented but not collected on the day be reused next year?? (assuming they're not engraved - if they are, maybe they shouldn't be until they are collected by the winners?). Maybe organising a function to review the years highlights could be a seperate event that would depend on level of interest.



reason to join

I only joined the club for the drink and food at the end of year function.
Every one should go.
All trophy winners should be asked if they want a trophy, and only produce those that are required. Even have a section on the registration form so people can nominate no trophy required.

Any way it happens, who ever

Any way it happens, who ever steps up to organise, we always enjoy the night and wouldnt miss it!

Its a great night out and off the bikes, its not just a man/beer/pizza bonding session, families enjoy the night as well.

Kids like the trophies!

PMBC commitee members put in huge amounts of their own time into the club to make it as great as it is, big events like the 6hr, D100 +12hr dont just organise themselves, neither do the club/state rounds, and the trailers dont pack themselves up at the end of each race either!

There are some awesome club members out there who just know they want to step up and help out......

A lot of traffic bumps this down

A lot of traffic bumps this down the list.

please read the post and reply, your feed back would be greatly appreciated.


I'd be willing to put my name forth in attempting to organize something but need to know how many people would actually be interested in going?? Also, best places for the event to be held etc.

Just my two cents.

We still need more feed back

We still need more feed back on this subject please everyone

Take pride!

During the last month I've started to get involve with PMBC and took part in Dwellingup100 and the Marrinup XC race. I have to say I’m impress with the organisation of these events and a round of applaud should go to those who have spent countless hours of volunteer work. I love to help out however I’ve devoted my time as a committee member with Bunda Middi Trail Foundation.

Regarding to the presentation I feel this should be a family friendly event (getting kids involved plays an important part of mountain biking) and if others fancy getting pissed then by all mean do so after. If a family friendly event is arranged, please put me and my family down on your list.

I don’t understand why no one would want a trophy as I would love one. Come on guys take pride in what you’ve achieved over the year and accept the trophy. These guys have worked hard to make this sport enjoyable.

Now I would like to see some attendees…

Presentation night

I personally think its great to catch up with everyone at the end if the season for a few beers etc, couldnt make last years due to work commitments but really enjoyed the few years before that, if a similar event was happening this year I would be there for sure, and am quite sure I could drag a few of the xc mob along.

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Is this just for XC coz i cant see any talk bout Downhill.....???

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XC, 4X and DH

We should have a fun event

We should have a fun event at the goatfarm, where one downhill rider is randomly teamed up with a xc rider for the race. The race starts at the bottom with the xc guys riding up the hill, when they reach the top they tag their downhill partner who descends back down the dh track back to the start/finish. With a massive BBQ and a few tunes, presto wholesome fun for the family, and a bit of action for the adrenilen junkies. What a great way to get the two disciplines together so everyone can meet each other in a fun environment and we can finally start putting this stupid xc vs dh bullshit to bed.


Leon Fry

If anyone needs a hand

If anyone needs a hand organising any type of presentation, i'll help out


Leon Fry

trophy presentation

I think we should organize something informal that doesn't involve any bike riding,just a family barbeque in a park somewhere were we can just chill ,no pressure to ride or do anything,just relax be sociable,have a treasure hunt for the kids maybe and that is it,no riding,we do that all year round,take a break and do something else!Freddie.

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Relaxed Presentations For All

The Legendary Cheryl is onto it for Everyone to Enjoy.
This year it's going to be a nice relaxed family friendly event, BBQ type thing, probably a couple of weekends after the XC/4X State Champs & thus a weekend after the DH State Champs (TBC), still deciding on a location I think somewhere on the River with a park area for kids to run around. Although I do really like that combo uphill/downhill fun race idea, you can get in touch with the Crazy Canuck if you want to help organise.
And because you have seem to have completely retired Freddie you can drive there, some people may want to ride their bikes to the gathering!!!


The crazy one likes the uphill downhill thing but it would be nice to see people in clothing other than cycling stuff...Family friendly ideas would be more than welcome :)

I'll give more details on a location soon enough.

Thanks to the PMBC community for the assistance so far!

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Sounds great

Whatever we end up doing I would love to be part of it. Mainly to meet a few more people and become more involved. I'm moving house atm so I cant really offer to help organise anything unfortunately.

What about Whiteman park? Its reasonably central and there are BBQ facilities, undercover tables and plenty of room for everybody to run around. There is even a cycle path if you really want. Its great at this time of year.


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Leon on the xc / dh race It is good to see someone thinking.

We like the plan

Tony D