Mountain Bike class at Cockburn BMX

Tonight while riding around I was approached by the president of Cockburn BMX Track asking if I would be at all interested in getting some-sort of mtb class running.

Whether it be a weekly (probably not, too much effort) but more of a monthly type event just for some fun.

It doesn't matter if you race on a hardtail, dually, rigid even, but you will need full face helmet and long shirt/pants (or kneepads/elbow pads).

Cockburn race on a Tuesday night, racing starts at 7pm. As far as we worked out all you would need to pay is the $5 nomination fee.

Cockburn also happens to have the first random drop bmx gate in WA, and is a fantasic venue that is hosting the 2008 BMX state champs.

Before anything is finalised, could anyone interested, has any questions, or anything please post in here or PM me for my mobile.


mtb gates

yeah I would be interested, cant make every week but once a month could be good. would we need the upgraded license to cover both classes like you do at other tracks?
You can make it, Just go Faster...

Once a month definately

Once a month definately sounds more appealing, as we would get a bigger turn out aswell.

As for insurance / linsences, that so far is the only part that we are un-sure about.

The easiest way would be to pay the $35 to get a full BMXAustralia lisence, or $15 for a day lisence.

There may be away around it though, still need to find out the details.

But show your intest now if you are keen.


Anything to keep my inner Muppet away from the handlebars.

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sorry bout the grave

sorry bout the grave digging
i maybe interested if it still does go ahead for summer races
and depending on how quick i build my rig




Never heard anymore about

Never heard anymore about this, but it would be good over summer.

yeah sounds good. i would

yeah sounds good. i would definatly be in it. what would the overall cost

I never got much feedback so

I never got much feedback so never really persued the idea.

I mean I know the club would still be more than willing to let something happen, and the last few months wuold have been perfect exposure for the mtb's as Cockburn is the venue for this year state titles (which are next weekend, same weekend as the DH, what a stupid way to try get people mixing between sports).

If we could have a legit 5 or 6+ people turning up for a once a month, or once a fortnight run, then I'll get my ass into gear and get the ball rolling.

So let me know people, whos in, and whos out?


bmx gates.

Cant guarantee to make it all the time as I work an 8 day roster including night shifts but will be keen to come when I can. I would like to do some gates in the next 2 weeks as I am heading east for the a 4x race in Coffs harbour and could do with some practice.

I'd probably be keen might

I'd probably be keen might be able to talk spragy into it as well wouldn't be much competition if he was there though.

OK well I'll go either

OK well I'll go either tomorrow night and have a chat, or get on the phone during the week and see what actually would happen with insurance/costs.

But seeing as it is their state champs this weekend, wouldn't be surprised if they are busy and probably not the most keen to listen for abit.

But Spragy has to race blindfolded or something...

Sounds good mate. At the

Sounds good mate.
At the moment both Peel and Rockingham are running MTB gates, so if anyone is interested get in contact!
I've already got a license so I'd definately be keen for a once a month race at Cockburn over summer.
Only if your not allowed a chain though :)

Id be up for it....

Id be up for it....

trial run

if you need definate numbers why not hold a trial run and see how people find it. once i knew what i was in for i would be interested but it all comes down to cost, and avalibility.

Would be interested,

Would be interested, Did anything come off this??

Was down there tonight.

Was down there tonight. It's all go, provided we get the number (4 or more).

Will post more once I spoken to a few people about dates, and they ring me back about insurance/prices.

It's all go lads.

If you're in, post in the new thread.